Chasing bovines on the Delhi Metro



Journalistic ignorance comes in many forms. Some editors condone and some readers ignore. Mistakes and generalisations are part and parcel of journalistic practice. Visiting journalists are allowed greater licence.

1So, when Twitter pointed me to a story in a British newspaperthat the Delhi Metro stations were “cow-free”, the link was opened instantly.

Titled “India: Riding Delhi’s clean and cow-free metro”, the writer said:

The platforms are wide and litter-free. No cows wander nonchalantly along them, as they do at Indian railway stations. Our gleaming silver train, with its announcements in Hindi and English, glides us to Old Delhi in a little over five minutes: a journey that could take up to 45 minutes by road.

Broadly, the travel writer gave a thumbs-up to the Delhi Metro.

But, he’s clearly missing the cows that dot India’s railway stations, many of which are “open plan” ones. Not only cows, but humans, elephants, camels and even (millions of) flies can enter at any time.

Now, many firangi travellers I know just love the sights and smells of Indian railway stations. Maybe this gentleman is one of them. So, he expected us to replicate the great Indian railway station on the Delhi Metro. More info