Delhi Metro Fare Info

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Fare Chart

Comrarative fares of various metro stations after of Kirti nagar – Inderlok link

Automatic Ticketing

Delhi Metro has introduced, for the first time in the country, ticketing and passenger control through a completely Automatic Fare Collection system.

The ticket, which could be a card or a token, is purchased from the Ticket Counter. The passenger then proceeds to one of several gates that separate the Paid Area from the Unpaid Area. Here, the passenger will hold the ticket close to the machine to the right of the gate. If valid, the gates will open automatically, and the passenger can pass to the Paid Area. If not valid, then the passenger will need to contact the Customer Service Staff.

Ticket Options:

Travel Card :

Most convenient for the frequent commuter. A stored value card, The minimum recharge value of a travel card is Rs. 100/- and the maximum is Rs. 1000/-. A security deposit of Rs. 50/- (Refundable on return of card) is payable at purchase and the file commuter can add on a minimum value of Rs/-50 during purchase.Subsequent recharge of the card will be of a minimum value of Rs. 100/-

Refund of Electronically Readable store value smart cards : – During refund, processing charges of Rs.5/- will be chargeable. Hence, the Electronic balance plus (+) security deposit minus (-) Rs 5/- will be refundable i.e. while refunding, Rs. 5/- will be deducted from sum of electronic balance and security deposit. Bonus amount ( if any) is not refundable. This is applicable both for physically damaged and physically ok electronically readable cards.)

Refundable Deposit: Rs.50 only

Validity: One Year from the date of purchase or one year from the date of recharge whichever is later.

Renewal: Rs. 5/- will be charged

Facility to check balance on Card: Ticket Reading Machines at all Metro Stations

Tourist Card:

For unlimited travel over short periods. There are two kinds of cards – 1 day and 3 day.

Value of 1-Day Card: Rs 100

Value of 3-Day Card: Rs 250

Refundable Deposit: Rs 50/- payable at purchase (refundable on return of card)


Single-Journey Token: For one way journey

Value will depend on the destination. Valid only on the day of purchase.

Minimum Fare Rs. 8/- and Maximum Fare Rs. 30/-

How to use your Token:

  • – Hold your token close to the machine for the gates to open.
  • – At exit, drop a Single-Journey token into the machine.

How to use your Smart Card/ Tourist Card:

  • – For entry to the station, please exhibit your travel card at the entry gate for the flap to open.
  • – For exit please exhibit your travel card at the exit gates for the flap to open and to do an exit from the station.

Instructions to Smart Card Holders/ Travel Card Holders:

1. In case of any difficulty, please get in touch with Customer Care Centre.

2. If a passenger performs entry and exit from same station, under normal fare mode, a fare of Rs. 8/- will be deducted from his stored value of the Smart Card (SV-2, SV-5, SV-6) at the time of exit without recourse to CCC. Maximum period of stay within paid area for entry/exit from same station is defined as 20 minutes. For stay beyond 20 minutes a penalty at the rate of Rs 10/- hour subject to the maximum of Rs 50/- shall be charged per passenger.

3.  If a passenger performs simultaneous entry and exit at a station, i.e. making pseudo entry or exit at AFC gates, a penalty of Rs 80/- will be imposed on passenger. Manual penalty receipt willbe issued to passenger. If a passenger has been penalized insde paid area and exit has been recorded, a free exit token will be issued to the passenger for exit purposes.

4.  The refund of an unused Single journey token is permissible within 60 minutes of issuing of token from token issuing station only.

5.   Please ensure that any entry on a travel card is followed by a valid exit from the system.

6.  Please note that in case the time gap between entry and exit is more than maximum permissible time limit, a penalty at the rate of Rs. 10/- per hour is chargeable. The maximum permissible limit for entry/exit from the same station is 20 minutes and for entry/ exit from different station is 170 minutes

7. In case of any entry/exit mismatch passenger will be charged as per Metro rules.