Delhi Metro on alert: Safety audit finds security gaps at underground stations


By Shibaji Roychoudhury

The Delhi Metro, in a span of over 10 years, has become synonymous with safe, comfortable and efficient travel in the ever growing National Capital Region (NCR).

1But, a recent audit has found several security vulnerabilities in the Metro stations, especially the ones running underground.

Conducted by the Delhi government’s transport department, the safety audit found that the security at the stations needs to be strengthened further.

Commuters enter the Metro stations with their luggage and can easily ply to the ticket counters without their baggage getting checked. The luggage is scanned only before the commuter goes towards the automatic fare collection gates. Threats loom large over the access points to the Metro stations and the unpaid area of the stations as there are no provisions to secure these areas, the report, released on Monday, said.

The Delhi Metro ferries nearly 2.5 million passengers and makes over 2,800 trips daily. “Security is lenient, especially at the underground metro stations from the entry point to the ticketing area. During peak hours, even these stations cater to more than 4,000 people and one can easily carry a explosives inside their bag and strategically place it around the ticket counter,” a transport official told MAILTODAY. More info