DMRC to help Jakarta Metro


By Rumu Banerjee, TNN

NEW DELHI: Indonesia is set to get its first Metro line in %Jakarta, and helping them build the network will be %Delhi Metro.

1Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC), which is part of a consortium that will be managing the construction of Jakarta Metro, will also impart information on security.

Anuj Dayal, spokesman for Delhi Metro, said, “A team of senior officials (from Jakarta Metro) will come to %Delhi to learn operation, maintenance and security aspects. Later, a larger team will come and take training from DMRC.” The idea, said Dayal, was to share information on issues like structural and operational preparedness, etc.

The 15km Metro line in Jakarta will be the first in Indonesia. About 7km of the network will be underground and it will have 13 stations. JICA ( Japan International Cooperation Agency) – which has funded the Delhi Metro – is funding the Jakarta project as well. The 144-billion yen project is expected to start from December, Dayal added. More info