Fog closes Delhi airport; UAE flights affected?



Dense fog and low visibility has forced the temporary closure of India’s bustling New Delhi airport, ahead of the holiday rush as Asian expats return home for the seasonal break with schools closing this week.

1According to the MET office in the Indian capital, visibility reduced to as low as 50 metres, forcing the authorities to suspend all flight operations as a safety precaution, along with the closure of one runway.

As per reports, currently 25 flights have been delayed, with authorities posting the airport should be operational by 10am (IST), allowing several UAE flights to take off as per schedule.

According to Emirates’ online flight status, EK510 landed at 9.20am (IST) with a 20-minute delay; meanwhile, flight EK8512 is expected to land at 10.30am as scheduled.

Budget carrier SpiceJet SG011, which was scheduled to depart for Dubai at 8.55am, has been delayed by an hour.

There are reports that several trains have also been cancelled or delayed.

Meanwhile, several passengers took to Twitter during their wait, with Priti Adhikari saying: “Just read about flights at Delhi Airport being suspended due to fog. Brace yourselves for a harsh winter.” More info