For India, a 70-km Iran rail line can open doors to Central Asia


By M. Ramesh

A few years ago, fertiliser major Iffco dabbled with the idea of sourcing rock phosphate from Kazakhstan, which sits on 2 billion tonnes of the mineral.

1But the Indian cooperative giant had to drop the plan midway discouraged by the high cost of logistics. Iffco is not alone; several Indian companies had to drop plans to trade with Central Asian countries such as Kazakhstan. But not any longer, it seems.

A proposed 70-km railway line in an obscure patch of northern Iran could change all that.

Once ready, the railroad could help India save crores of rupees in logistics to Central Asia, the 55-million-people market. One of the most prosperous and fastest growing regions in the world, Central Asia is a key source for uranium and fertilisers. More info