Honda New Small Concept Unveiled at 2010 New Delhi Auto Expo

By Andrew Peterson  /
Honda unveiled its New Small Concept today at the 2010 New Delhi Auto Expo. Honda’s small car is the first in a string of small cars set to debut at the show.

1The New Small Concept is a four-door hatchback similar to Honda’s Fit/Jazz sold in markets around the world, but smaller. The car features a more stylized exterior (dubbed an efficient, energetic exterior by Honda) with eye-catching wheels and a rear window profile that lends an air of sportiness to the car.

Although the New Small Concept is smaller than the Fit, its hatchback form means it will still be an able grocery-getter.

By 2011, Honda will begin production of a model based on the New Small Concept. Honda’s goal with the sub-Fit vehicle is to provide cheap, efficient transportation. The vehicle will be available in India and Thailand only, as it is aimed at customers in emerging markets. More info