It happens only in Delhi Metro!


By Garima Sachdeva

What is white and carries people around? No, not an airplane. What goes up and down and follows a trajectory?

1No, not a roller coaster ride. What saves thousands of people from the menace of the evils on the roads and the monstrous drivers driving the vehicles? No, definitely not Superman.

It is the Delhi Metro!

Saying on behalf of all avid metro users, we all would agree that we have spent so much time of our lives in Metro, JUST travelling from one place to another.

Meeting that friend at Rajiv Chowk for lunch, going out with your girlfriend for a movie at Saket, having a shopping spree at Sarojini Nagar and getting off at INA, going everyday to college from Gurgaon to Vishwavidyalaya, having an evening of luxury at Khan Market, a get together with friends at Hauz Khas Village, watching a play at Mandi House, exploring the malls at Noida, and so much more, who thought doing it all would be so easy.

So much so that one can even reach the airport or the railwaystation via our very own Superman, Delhi Metro. While travelling in Delhi Metro, one encounters a lot of different kinds of people. Here are some of them: More info