Metro ordered 80,000 tonnes cement


By , TNN

NEW DELHI: In October this year, more than 80,000 metric tonnes of cement came to Delhi. The cement—one of the largest consignments—was earmarked for Delhi Metro and its Phase III construction work.

1The amount was only for the month of October and exceeded peak consumptions of Delhi Metro Rail Corporationduring Phase II construction. The 80,000-metric-tonne consignment was equivalent to a goods train coming to Delhi everyday, bearing cement for the 91 stations on the 140km network that will be functional in 2016.

It’s not the only eye-popping number that details Phase III project. Again in October, 16,000 metric tonnes of steel was consumed. This is equivalent to 1,000 road trailers carrying steel to Delhi. Additionally, two lakh cubic metric tonnes of ballast was used. Incredibly, one can build a 100km long two-lane (7m wide) concrete road or cover the entire periphery of Delhi with a single concrete lane of 3.5m width using this material.

That’s not all. In Phase III construction, the Delhi Metro has used 225 cranes at over 200 construction sites in October this year. This is besides the 15 launchers that were in use to build the viaduct and five tunnel boring machines engaged in tunneling work. Incidentally, Delhi Metro will use 33 TBMs in Phase III to make 74 tunnels. “Use of 33 TBMs within NCR would be among the highest number of TBMs ever used in any urban centre more or less at the same time in any part of the world. In Phase II, when 34.89 kilometres of underground corridors were built, DMRC used 14 TBMs,” added a Delhi Metro spokesperson. More info