Ministries lock horns over Metro rail projects


By Srinand Jha, Hindustan Times 

The future of Metro rail projects across India is hanging in the balance, thanks to a turf war between two central government ministries.

1The ministry of urban development (MoUD) is the nodal agency to execute Metro rail projects in the next 10 years in all Indian cities with a population of more than two million that would see investments worth Rs.2,000 billion.

The Metro Railways Amendment Act, 2009, however, empowers the ministry of railways to take the final call in respect of technical planning and safety issues concerning these projects. However, wanting to snap links with the railways, the MoUD has decided to move a Cabinet note suggesting a series of further amendments to the Act. More info


The railways had earlier rejected the proposals on the grounds that these would lead to a conflict of interests and would make the MoUD a business competitor.