Press Statement



Dear friends, In reference to some news articles regarding cracks on Line 3 of Delhi Metro, the statement issued in Public Interest by Shri Mangu Singh, Managing Director, DMRC is as follows: 

1“The reported cracks are not actually cracks but these are signs of epoxy used in repairing work done in the year 2005. The repairs were done by DMRC during erection of span in the year 2005 before opening of the line for public and these repairs are standing well since then.

DMRC is regularly doing close inspection of structures and observing the performance of structures periodically. In fact piers 25 to 30 and 70 have been again inspected and found in good condition. The public is assured that these piers are safe.

(This repair work when seen from the ground, probably gives an impression of a crack. Therefore, the statement that these are serious cracks needing urgent repair is not factually correct, as reported in some news items.)

Anuj Dayal Executive Director Corporate Communications/DMRC